A postponed joy document

Gentle Readers (as Miss Manners would say), my poor computer became very sick and had a near-death experience last week. Yes, it’s true, the Blue Screen of Death came calling. But, as my timing would have it, the great Apple god in the sky took pity on my computer and raised her from the dead.

In recognition of this powerful miracle and in deference to my Southern roots, I renamed her Mary Lazarus. (I know of a Mary Carlton and a Mary Scott. I thought Mary Lazarus was fitting.)

So, this great crisis rendered me silent for a week, but not without thoughts on joy. I hope you passed the week with at least one moment of joy.

Please look for this week’s post to appear in the next day or two.

I wish you peace.


3 comments on “A postponed joy document

  1. Janice says:

    So very glad the Apple God revived your dead Mac! I hope you were able to get all your data back as I know that was very important. May Mary Lazarus live a long & prosperous life for you!

  2. Ron Welch says:

    Mary Lazarus welcome back!

    I think you are right about remembered moments, places, people and circumstances being part of experiencing joy in life. I would add weather, the tone of light on a particular day, aromas and one of those songs from long ago that make up the sound track of one’s life.

    Sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t see joy until we have sufficient perspective; until we can take the time to look back.

    • michele says:

      I completely agree about weather, light, aromas and songs. To your list I would add textures. Such as the texture of a piece of cloth or how a piece of paper feels to your fingertips.

      I think we can explore this further in weeks to come.

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