To see and to dream

So much is said about sight.

“Seeing is believing.” “Sight unseen.” “As far as the eye can see.”

The things I see and remember seeing are often some of the sources of my greatest pleasure and my greatest joy. In the case of things I see, there seems to be a vast collection of images that bring  joy.

  • Hummingbirds
  • hibiscus flowers
  • cherries
  • lightening
  • flowing water, crashing waves
  • Aspen groves
  • hand blown glass
  • Rodin sculptures
  • Mondigliani paintings
  • antiques — particularly antique tools
  • art quilts and clothing as art

These are only a few of the sight memories that bring me to places of joy. And I have never felt the need to explore things related to my sight, to seeing. Perhaps it is the way in which the visual is manifested inside our souls. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of reason for to split these images into meaning. They seem to transcend the need for explanation.

Sight renders images to our senses as whole of themselves. Explanation is in some ways futile. I can try to tell you about the most beautiful moonrise I saw last Tuesday or a sunset I saw from a high hill last night, but the words fail even a wordsmith. You cannot make the whole somehow better by trying to describe it.

So, perhaps all we can each do is to go and to look and to behold. And to thank God for the joy of sight.

In all things I wish you peace.



One comment on “To see and to dream

  1. Martha Angel says:

    the Atlantic Ocean
    Tuscon sunsets
    my cats face when he snuggles up in my sons beard
    autumn leaves..
    Thank you for getting my mind going along this path!

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