This is my first blog experiment. The idea here is to consider and explore what joy is and what it means to have joy within.

I am a writer by educational background, although my life has had many facets and I have worn a variety of “work” hats. I grew up in and still live in the same part of the country. At times in my life,  I have lived elsewhere and have seen different landscapes. I learned little bits about human nature and the importance geography plays in the texture of all our personalities. I have also learned that coming from a nation as big as ours we must be ever conscious of the fact that geography can prevent us from learning about other lives, other cultures, and different views of what constitutes joy.

I pursue a spiritual life and that may manifest itself in this blog in ways some might label as “religious.” Before you make up your mind that it’s not for you, it’s important to know that I am not interested in bringing you around to my point of view or a particular religious belief system. To put the idea of a “spiritual life” in perspective, I also pursue a healthy life, an interesting life, a balanced life, and a sane life.

As I begin, here are the basic facts about me and the blog.

Title:   Sweet in the Morning is the title of a song by Bobby McFerrin. Bobby McFerrin’s words and his use of his entire body as a musical instrument thrills me. His work inspired the title.


Writer, story-teller, advocate.

Lover of all kinds of music — particularly folk music, words and their origins and meanings, books, mixed-media artwork and cats.


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